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Back in the old days if you were to catch a Peeping Tom looking through your window you would call the cops or if need be take matters into your own hands by beating the crap out of them. It’s not that easy anymore when Peeping Tom’s have gone high tech.

A Naples woman found this out the hard way. She was in her bedroom changing out of her swimsuit into her clothes when she heard a noise. There was a drone watching her. A Peeping Tom.

NBC2 interviewed Sgt. Jim Baker with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. “You can’t surveil other people without their knowledge,” Sgt. Baker said. “Invade their privacy with the intent to surveil. There’s an intent component to it. “The challenge for law enforcement is, even if we know there was a drone flying over your home and violating 934.50, the challenge is finding where the operator is at. They could be two miles away.”


Stan & Haney plan to discuss this new breed of Peeping Tom more on today’s show.

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