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The woman claims she drank cleaning chemicals instead of coffee.

The lawsuit that was filed against McDonalds decades ago forever changed the game. A woman sued the chain after she said she was served a cup of coffee that was too hot. She spilled the coffee on herself and was severely burned. When I say she was burned, I may be under-selling it. The 79-year-old woman received 3rd degree burns on her pelvis and was in the hospital for over a week.

Flash forward to 2022. In a litigious-heavy society, it seems many people are looking for a reason to score a big win in court. Businesses, however, are in a never-ending effort to keep that from happening. The latest case against a fast food company involves McDonalds and a Florida woman. The lawsuit says the woman ordered a coffee at a drive-thru window in Alabama. The woman claims that she was given a cup full of a liquid, but that the beverage was not coffee. In fact, she called the contents “chemicals in a cup”. She went on to accuse the staff of the restaurant of refusing to render her medical attention after the alleged incident.

The lawsuit claims that an employee told the woman that the coffee machine was unavailable due to being cleaned, but another employee said the machine was ready and could serve coffee. The woman claims she was served a cup at the drive-thru and proceeded to take a sip. She said her mouth immediately went numb and burned. she says the incident left her with permanent scarring and corrective surgery was needed afterward.

The victim says she was refused help when she drove back around to tell a manager about the beverage. She was finally treated when EMS first responders arrive on the scene. The woman has filed a $13 million dollar suit against the chain, claiming damage to her throat, acid reflux and she may need surgery again in the future.


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