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British actress Jane Seymour, who is set to appear in the next James Bond film, 'Live and Let Die', UK, 11th October 1972. (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Forever a Bond Girl, Jane Seymour joined Stan and Haney in 2007 to promote her upcoming appearance on the TV show Dancing with the Stars. She spoke of her preparations to dance in the television competition and how she is a huge New York Yankees fan.

Seymour is a Primetime Emmy Award winner and most remembered for her roles as Solitaire in the James Bond classic Live and Let Die and her long running television series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman where she played the lead role of ┬áMichaela Quinn familiarly known as “Dr. Mike”

So here from September 21, 2007 the Stan and Haney interview with Ms. Seymour..