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The huge mansion may soon be gone forever.

Derek Jeter‘s former home is about to become a huge pile of very expensive rubble. Believe it or not, a demolition permit was filed for the property at 58 Bahama Circle recently. That means that someone wants to buy the property, flatten everything on it, and start over. It’s s surprise to say the least, considering that the property was officially the most expensive property in the city when it sold for $22.5 million dollars last year.

You may remember that Tom Brady and his family stayed in the mansion for a while last year. Brady wasn’t there for long, though. He said he didn’t like how anyone could get on his property by boat at any time. Still, the home remains one of the most spacious in Tampa, with 21,796 square feet of living space. Even though Tom didn’t appreciate the property, that doesn’t men it’s not totally badass. The mega-house was built in 2011, after three homes that were on the property were all demolished. By the time the dust cleared, the new spread contained 7 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a movie theater, a gym, a separate wing for an au-pair, an air conditioned 6-car garage, an 80-foot saltwater pool, over 9,000 feet of private balconies and 345 feet of waterfront on the Bay. It’s practically unfathomable that it’s not enough for a potential buyer. Source:

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