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Moody says a change needs to be made now.

Fentanyl is a whole new level of deadly. We’ve all seen the video of police officers who accidentally come in contact with the drug during an investigation. Within seconds, their bodies cease to function and NARCAN has to be used immediately. Many other Floridians are not so lucky, though. That’s why Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody pleaded with the federal government to declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction on Wednesday.
Before you say the gesture was showboating on Moody’s part, let’s consider the numbers. The fight against fentanyl is being lost due to lack of funds and a deluge of the illegal drug across the Sunshine State. In July alone, a new record was set for confiscated fentanyl coming into Florida. Moody went on to say that the total amount seized last month was enough to kill the entire population of the United States…in just 30 days. Fentanyl is particularly dangerous because it can not only kill a user, it can also kill anyone who handles it at all. While a drug has never been declared a WMD, the push for the status change could free up additonal funds to fight the infiltration of the drug to an even greater degree. If you or anyone you know has drug problems, please go to for help. Source:

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