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Rumors have been flying for about a month.

All in all, it’s probably a pretty good life. Gisele is worth $400,000,000, while Tom is worth another $250,000,000. Something tells me they’re not terribly concerned with gas prices at the local Wawa this week. However, rumor has it that Gisele is a bit perturbed about her husband’s decision to play another year of football. Sporadic information from either of the super couple does nothing to quell speculation.

But is Gisele really pissed? I mean, REALLY FREAKING PISSED? Let’s analyze what she said about the subject last night. Tom’s main squeeze spoke with Elle magazine recently and discussed her feelings about the issue. While she said she is concerned about Tom’s safety as he grows older, she said she wants him to be happy. She went on to say that the family would love to see him be with them more often, she understands his drive to succeed. She admitted that she and Tom have discussed his football career over and over again, eventually agreeing that the most important thing is for him to be happy.

The interview doesn’t answer all of the questions, though. Bundchen spoke with the magazine before Tom’s 11-day absence recently. Are things still cool? Also, with the Sunday Cowboys win, do we really care? In Tom’s own words, “I’ve not had a Christmas or Thanksgiving in 23 years”. It’s obvious that the man loves the game and still has a the drive to dominate the game. How long will it last? Meanwhile, Gisele says she’s back at it and modeling again at 42 years of age. Source:

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6. “Far Post” - B-side of “Burning Down One Side” (1982)

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