Sean Roberts

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Taligating party becomes car-b-q.

As the pictures show, it got a little crazy in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami over the weekend. What a great weekend it was! We got to see our beloved Bucs whoop up on the Cowboys! That’s about all we could do, though. With the relentless rain, the football game was a welcome diversion. Similar scenes played out across the state and the country. But one party got a little out of hand.
It seems that one tailgater who was at the Hard Rock Stadium to watch the Dolphins play forgot to turn off his gas grill after some pregame partying. While the Dolphins got the win against the New England Patriots, several cars in the parking lot got barbequed to a crisp. Firefighters responded to a call about a car on fire in the parking lot of the stadium shortly after kickoff. Once they arrived, they saw 8 cars involved in the fire. After extinguishing the vehicles, they were able to determine that a grill had bene left on when the owner left the scene to go inside for the game. Some of the cars were totally destroyed, while others were only cosmetically damaged. As seen in the picture, the fire was quite large before firefighters arrived. Spectators reported seeing a plume of smoke rising from the parking lot of Hard Rock Stadium as the cars burned. No injuries were reported. Source:

Go Bucs!

6. “Far Post” - B-side of “Burning Down One Side” (1982)

The Shark LOVES to tailgate, but we won’t light the parking lot.

Sean Roberts was conceived in the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky by two passionate, panel aligning, third shifters who had grown bored with the same ole same ole. Upon birth, he was placed in the trunk of a new Stingray and sent off to find his destiny. That destiny included several stints on radio stations across the United States. Some played punk country gospel, while others focused on Croatian death metal played backwards. After many years and many adventures, Sean wound up on The Shark, where he does shots of tequila while playing the most badass tunes ever created by humankind. He remains humble, however, never forgetting about the lean years...the street corners and dark alleys where he played songs on his car stereo for food and sex. He's on top and he's never gonna stop LIVING THE DREAM!