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Lee County Sheriff’s deputies saw a Nissan Altima parked partially blocking a bicycle lane, they decided to investigate. Approaching the vehicle the deputies discovered our Florida Man, Randy Austerman, reclined in the front seat. Instead of following the deputies request to exit  his vehicle, the Florida Man opened his center console and produced a three-foot sword with a dragon-shaped handle!

The startled deputies tried to use their tasers to subdue Austerman but they were unsuccessful. Meanwhile Austerman was poking is sword through the car windows. The Florida Man was eventually captured when he tried to get out of his car though the passenger door.

In addition to his sword, Lee County deputies found methamphetamine, marijuana, and a glass pipe in Austerman’s car.

He was arrested and charged with resisting an officer, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, marijuana possession, drug equipment possession, and false ID given to a law enforcement officer. [SOURCE News Channel 8]

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Florida Woman OnlyFans Model Makes $8,000 a Month Performing as a Mermaid

Born in Tampa and now based in Orlando, Florida, Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has a very unique talent. This Florida Woman is a mermaid. Well, not a real one of course. But she’s turned make believe into a very decent salary. According to the Mirror, “Emily gets hired for children’s parties, as well as five-star events, and spends her days in swimming pools posting videos and photos to her army of followers on Instagram and TikTok. However, the model admits there is a sexier side to her profession too – as she revealed she gets contacted on OnlyFans by men who ask her to pose topless in her tail for them.”

Emily, now 32, bought her first tail when she was 22.

Not a cheap one, either. She spent $3,400 on the tail. People immediately begin approaching her to do parties and events. The Florida Woman envisioned a career as a mermaid.

Emily continued to branch out by booking shows at swimming pools and underwater displays.  She’s been in the movies “Magic Mike” and “Spring Breakers”, two movies that shot in the Tampa area.  She books shows under the name “The American Mermaid“. Emily says her tail takes about 15 minutes to get in and out of and requires lubricant, such as coconut oil to make it work. But now fully at ease with the tail, she says that she’s now more comfortable in water than on land. She’s mastered the dolphin kick with her monofin and has learned how to alleviate air pressure under water.

As for her OnlyFans account, she told the Mirror: “I get some men that ask me to make them personalized videos of myself topless wearing just my tail on OnlyFans. But my boyfriend doesn’t mind. He likes when the men gawk over me. He thinks it’s sexy.”