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When a man is successful, he can buy whatever he likes. When Daniel J Tisone wanted to show affection to his better half,  Stan & Haney listeners know, flowers just won’t cut it!

He was in love and wanted to prove it, by purchasing a 4.02 carat diamond ring.

Daniel J Tisone loves himself too. Because he than bought two homes in Naples, a 2019 Tiara 34LS boat, stocks and bonds, and a TON of ammunition. Over 800 rounds of ammo. Because that is what successful men can do.

Daniel is NOT one of those successful business men. It turns out he is just a liar and submitted numerous tax and payroll documents that were made up. He stole the information from fellow employees like their names, birthdates and social security numbers which he used to steal millions of dollars, and was caught a couple months ago, by FBI and agents with Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery.

As reported by Justice.Gov, “Naples Felon Pleads Guilty To $2.6 Million COVID Relief Fraud Scheme : 

“Daniel Joseph Tisone (35, Naples) has pleaded guilty to wire fraud, bank fraud, illegal monetary transaction, and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. Tisone faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in federal prison for each wire fraud and bank fraud count, up to 10 years’ imprisonment on the illegal monetary transaction count, and up to 10 years in federal prison on the possession of ammunition charge.”