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We read stories all the time in SWFL about alligator stories. They show up in our pools, golf courses and backyards. But with this school year just getting underway and our natural fears of sending our little ones alone to the bus stop we don’t need to deal with this do we? School kids at a bus stop on their way to Lexington Middle School on Wednesday morning got a surprise they were not expecting.

An alligator waiting to greet them.


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Florida Man Arrested After Stealing and Drinking Vodka at Walmart

Shopping at Wal Mart can be stressful, and sometimes you just want to take the edge off. That’s what 42 year old Florida Man James John Perez with a bottle of vodka did last Friday at a Walmart in Sebastian Florida. Sebastian is on the East Coast, just north of Port St. Lucie – I had to look it up.

So last Friday around 2pm, James grabbed a bottle of McCormick Vodka from the liquor store section of the Walmart, along with some roadies – a 6 pack of Smirnoff Ice in the cans. According to the Sebastian Daily “A Walmart employee working the sales floor observed Perez consuming the vodka beverages and placing the empty containers on the shelf. He then walked around the men’s department, put a couple of pairs of socks in his pocket, and discarded the packaging. Perez then put on a pair of pants and tossed the sales tags on the floor.”

When officers arrived on scene James was still roaming the store drinking from a can of Smirnoff Ice. They found on Florida Man –  three pairs of socks, a half empty bottle of McCormick Vodka, scissors, a pocket knife, and a few other things. He was wearing the pants he stole and had used the scissors to cut off the tags. Grand total? $61.91.



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