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The dock owners asked the man to leave.

A snorkeling tourist got more than he bargained for over the weekend, when he ventured too closely to a dock owned by a local couple. Police say a couple in the Florida Keys attacked a tourist who got too close to their dock on Sunday.
Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies say they were called to the home of 61-year-old Katia De Oliveira and her husband, 65-year-old Paulo De Oliveira after a report of an attack on a snorkeler. The victim’s family was still sitting in a boat about 25 yards offshore when officers arrived. The family members said that the couple attacked the 36-year-old as he snorkeled through the inlet behind the couple’s home. Officers say the couple warned the man to get away form their dock. He refused to leave and the pair is accused of beating the man with a fishing rod and another pole as retaliation. The victim was treated at a local hospital for lacerations, while the couple was arrested. Paulo is facing a charge of aggravated battery causing bodily harm and Katia has been charged with battery. Source:

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