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Do not touch manatees while they are mating.

This just in…if you run across manatees having a romp in the waves, just turn around and let them get their freak on. Most of you already know that it’s illegal to touch a manatee, let alone when they are bumpin’ uglies, but Sarasota police are reminding everyone that you should not bother sea cows under any conditions. The statement was prompted by a video that showed up on socail media over the weekend showing several beachgoers touching manatees as they banged in shallow water at South Lido Beach.
Officers reminded readers that interacting with a manatee in any way can be dangerous to humans and to the manatees. What you may not want to know is that you can be heavily fined or jailed for doing so. How’d you like to pay a $50,000 fine or spend up to a year in jail? Yep, they’re serious about the manateees. Do not mess with them! Officials say if you run across a group of manatees mating, you may observe from a “respectful” distance. However, if you see an injured, distressed or deceased manatee, you should contact the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium at 888-345-2335 24-hours-a-day. The Manatee viewing Center in Apollo Beach is slated to reopen on November 1st and remain open until April 15th. The attraction is open seasonally because manatees are drawn to the warm water that is produced by the TECO power plant. Source:

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