If Chuck the Freak ate eggs this would definitely be his cooking method!

Too lazy to do dishes?  Try this woman’s fried egg hack.  It must work because it’s racked up over seven million views on TikTok.  It’s not exactly earth-shattering, though.

You grease a paper plate with oil or butter, crack an egg inside, cover it with another paper plate, and microwave it for 50 seconds.  If you want it harder, do it 10 seconds longer.  Softer?  10 seconds less.


I like it this way because its kind of like a poached egg, no crispy brown bits and a perfect pink top :-) #diy #breakfast #egg #dishesfordays #lazy

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Looking Back at Some Crazy Times with Dave & Chuck 'the Freak!'

We’ve had some crazy times with Dave & Chuck “The Freak,” and we’re only going up from here! In honor of all the madness, we’ve put together some of our favorite D&C videos and catch phrases!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Memories!

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