The package was wrapped up in the traditional manner.

I love the Florida Keys. It’s like another world, even for a Florida resident. I could spend the rest of my days sinking into the sand and sipping on a cold margarita. Sometimes the Keys offer a little something more than sunshine and relaxation, though…such as 126 pounds of cocaine that randomly float up to your beach chair as you lounge and work on your tan. That’s what happened again on Key West over the weekend. It happens so often that the locals call it square fish. The bundles appear on a beach with no explanation. Over the weekend, another lost shipment landed on the beach on Key West, washing onto the sand with no explanation. Officials with the U.S. Border Patrol say some beachgoers found the packages floating inside a mangrove close to a condiminium complex and contacted them about it. The cocaine was packaged in the same way it’s normally done. There was one large package with several smaller packages inside it, all wrapped tightly in black tape. As suspected, the contents were tested and confirmed to be cocaine. For those of you who are keeping track of such things, 126 pounbds of cocaine is worth about $2 million dollars these days. Not quite Mega Millions territory, but that’s quite the impressive wad of folding money. Source:

When The Keys Were Empty

The Shark Invades St. Pete Beach!

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