Ok, that’s a lot. I’m guessing this Lamborghini was either stolen or was a rental. From the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue facebook page: “Just before 3:30 pm, FLFR was dispatched to the 1100 blk of NW 7 Ave for reports of a Lamborghini SUV that landed on the roof of a house, slid off, and then erupted into flames. ”

The white Lamborghini SUV was involved in an accident with another vehicle which somehow cause the Lambo to go air born onto the roof of the house. The SUV slid off the home, crashed to the ground, then caught fire. Then, get this, the person or persons inside the SUV left the scene before crews arrived. Not only did they not receive serious injuries (or did they?), they left the scene. The driver of the second vehicle had only minor injuries.

No one was inside the home at the time of the accident, but the home has been vacated because of the damage. And as you can see by the pictures, there’s a LOT of damage.

Without knowing the rest of the story, I vote rental. It really doesn’t take much to rent a Lamborghini in Fort Lauderdale. We did a radio promotion once where the winner won the use of a high end vehicle for a weekend, hotel in Miami, + tickets to a concert. Based on the winner’s Insta account, and the car’s mileage, they skipped the concert and drove around South Beach all night. The car also wreaked of weed, which is impressive considering it was a convertible. The rental place was not happy about the 1,000 plus miles they put on the car over the weekend. Legal won’t let us do that contest again.

During a firefighter’s career there are certain calls that will never be forgetten. Today was one of those days!Just...

Posted by Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue on Sunday, July 24, 2022


Channel 7 has the crash video here.

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