Serious injuries have risen in Florida.

For many of us, the Fourth Of July brings to mind images of sitting on the beach or in a park, watching professionally presented fireworks shows. Beautiful colors and designs are accentuated by thunderous booms that shake the ground and produce an other-wordly glow as crowds gasp and clap at the grandeur of it all. For some Floridians, however, Independence Day means buying thousands of dollars worth of fireworks, drinking alcohol and mixing it all together late at night. Every year, more revelers get hurt by improper use of fireworks, and this year was no exception. Police say a South Florida man lost his entire hand while lighting fireworks last night. Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call at about 1 a.m. about an injury at an Independence day celebration. When they arrived on the scene, they say they found a man who had completely severed his entire hand due to a fireworks explosion. Officers took the man and his hand to the hospital for treatment. The man is expected to survive, but reattachment of his hand does not look good. Unfortunately, injuries due to misuse of fireworks is not unusual in Florida. While emergency responders have stepped up efforts to educate and warn Floridians about the dangers fireworks pose, accidents have increased a full 50%. Most injuries occur due to alcohol usage or incorrect handling of explosives. More and more powerful fireworks have also found their way into the hands of partiers, resulting in more serious injuries. Source:

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