A woman in Florida was arrested after a confrontation with a neighbor over a chicken.

Christine Terman was arrested after throwing a full bucket of pee at a neighbor. No idea why she just happened to have a bucket full of her own urine…  The bucket struck the neighbor in the face and dowsed him with the urine.

She was upset because the neighbor’s chicken had pooped on her back patio. She was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of battery.


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VIDEO: Houses in North Carolina Are Falling Into The Ocean

  • The aftermath

    rodanthe North Carolina

  • Here is what the house used to be, look at how many other houses are just as close

  • As of this morning, the road (12) was still closed

  • So I think

    There’s a lot of houses close to the shore in Southwest Florida and whenever we get a hurricane I always wonder if something like this is possible.

    Crazy video to watch, I used to spend summers in the Outer Banks. I still have a sign that says “Beach Road 12” that I brought with me to Estero.

    More photos here.