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Rent is rising faster than most people can afford.

I write a story like this every few months, all the while expecting a change of some sort before the next one. Nope. In the most recent study, rents were tallied across the entire United States. Metropolitan areas were ranked by how overpricd the rent was. As expected, ten Florida cities found their way onto the list. Tampa ranked number 3, being beaten by Fort Myers and Miami. In fact, the top five spots were all held by Florida metros. St. Pete/Clearwater and bradenton/Sarasota scored very high on the list, too. Properties in Miami are being rented for about 22% higher since the last survey, while properties in our area are about 18% higher than when they were tested last. Tampa rental prices are now up almost 30% IN ONE YEAR. The increase in prices is being blamed partially on Florida’s open policies during the pandemic, prompting many outsiders to buy or rent properties where they can move about more freely. Builders have also found it difficult to keep up with demand for housing, meaning that their properties are hard to get and gone long before they are even on the market. Finally, suppliers are having a hard time keeping up with demand. That means building supplies can’t be found, and when they are, they are more expensive than before. While rental costs have increased nationally over the last year, Florida is clearly leading the way. Source:

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