Only vertain types of places are a risk.

Florida has been compared to a little australia. we have lots of ways to die here. Where else can you be eaten by an alligator while getting struck by lighnining as you are hit head-on by a wrong-way driver? Now, as the temperatures climb, a yearly threat is re-emerging. The threat is an amoeba that lives in warm freshwater areas. Have you heard of amebic menengitis? It’s a nasty thing. almost 100% of the people whon bet it will not survive. It’s a brain-eating single-cellular organism that is extremely dangerous. But you CAn kepe yourself safe from it. While the amoeba is very rare, it is also very deadly. There has only been ONE case of a victim surviving amebic menengitis in the United States. The good news is, not only is the amoeba exceedingly rare, it’s also only found in very warm, fresh water. symptoms include headache, fever, nausea, vomiting and a stiff neck. The amoeba can also affect balance, cognitive abilities and produce ahlluciunations or seizures. Before you ferak out and wrap your self in bubble wrap and Lysol, keep in mind that cases are extremely rare. The best way to avoid contracing the illness is to make sure no water gets up your nose. Examples of activities you should avoid in freshwater areas are wakeboarding, diving, tubing or anything that could force water into your nose. The best way to avoid getting sick after swimming in freshwater is to wear a nose clip. The amoeba does not exist in salt water or chlorinated pools or spas. Source:

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