Still working on your beach body for summer?  Here’s a quicker option:  A guy in England said screw it . . . and had a full set of abs TATTOOED onto his fleshy belly.

The tattoo artist shared photos, and it’s actually pretty convincing from a distance.  There’s lots of shading and contouring, so they’re like Schwarzenegger abs when he was in his prime.  The skin tone is way off though.


How to get a 6 pack in 2 days! you tattoo it!my bro was tired of spending hours in the gym, so I gave him a 6 pack tattoo, ready for summer. enjoy#6packtattoo #cosmetictattoos#tattoos#viral#fyp#6pack#6packabs

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People thought they faked it and just painted the abs on.  But the tattoo artist says it’s real, and posted a follow-up video of the whole tattooing process.


Reply to @user245456790 this 6 pack tattoo is in fact real. added a video while I'm tattooing him. don't hate bro#6packtattoo#tattoo#tattooart#3dtattoo#anythingforalaugh#whoneedsgym

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