Did you ever wish you could pay someone to wait in a long line for you?  Well it looks like that could be an option in the near future!

In New York, a 46-year-old man named Robert Samuel, used to be a mobile phone salesman, now sits in lines for others.

It’s a strange job and it requires Samuel to sit, standing, or sometimes sleep, in lines while waiting for theater tickets, phone releases, and more. Once the on-sale happens or Samuel gets to the point of purchase he then relinquishes his place to the person that hired him or makes the purchase himself.

He can charge upwards of $5000 for his services of waiting to buy a pair of tickets.  Sometimes certain shows, like ‘Hamilton’ even required him to hire other people to wait in lines to get those sought after tickets.

Right now it’s mostly very rich people that can afford to use his services, but this could end up being a new career.



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