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The GPS is being blamed for the directions.

GPS directions can be confusing, as Florida woman can verify after an unusual trip she made over the weekend. Police say a 26-year-old Portland, Florida woman told them that her GPS system instructed her to go directly though a “police pedestrian plaza” and down a staircase in her SUV.

The vehicle crashed shortly into its journey. While the story could not be verified by law enforcement, investigators say the woman’s judgement was probably impaired by alcohol during the adventure.

According to WBTW, police say the vehicle drove directly through the pedestrian area of a plaza which surrounds their police department. Eventually, the Toyota Highlander became stuck on a flight of stairs after the driver attempted to drive the vehicle down it.

Authorities say they feel very fortunate that no one was injured in the incident, although some property damage was incurred. Florida woman was cited for operating under the influence.

The Portland Police Department reminds everyone that they should never drink and drive.


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