(Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

Bald men, you’re darn smart!

Men’s grooming platform Rooftopsquad.com did the research to find out if there are any IQ differences between men with and without hair. It conducted an IQ test of 2,000 men from the US, 1,000 men with hair and 1,000 who said they are bald, balding or have receding hairlines.

According to the study, “The IQ test found that men with a full head of hair scored the lowest in IQ and problem- solving ability, with a quarter (26%) scoring below the average IQ of 98*. Bald or balding men had the highest IQ on average with almost half (58%) scoring an IQ of 112 or above.”

The study also discovered that men with hair loss are six times more likely to have higher paying jobs with annual salaries that average over $80,000, compared to men with pristine hairlines, who on average make $54,000 a year.

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