A resident shot at the intruder.

I know what you’re thinking…and for once, you’re wrong. A Florida sheriff caused quite a ruckus over the weekend during a press conference, but it’s not who you’re thinking about.

Grady Judd did not make the statement. Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson told a crowd of reporters that taxpayers benefit when burglars are shot while inside a victim’s home instead of going through the system.

The conversation happened after Sheriff Johnson discussed the case of a man who had been caught and charged with breaking and entering multiple times in his county. The Sheriff was referring to a “frequent flyer”, Brandon Harris, who he said had been arrested 17 separate times.

His last arrest lead to 7 charges alone. Sheriff Johnson talked about the man’s latest charges, which stem from an incident last week.

The report says a man was spotted acting suspiciously and was actually fired upon by a resident. While the man who shot at the intruder initially refused to be identified, the sheriff publicly reassured residents that “if somebody is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot at them in Santa Rosa County.

We prefer that you do actually.” Harris, who remains in custody, was caught as he crawled out a window of a house investigators say he had burglarized. Florida’s “stand your ground” law says that citizens may use force to protect themselves or their property.

Sheriff Johnson encouraged residents to come to the sheriff’s office and sign up for gun training, that way they can become a better shot and save the taxpayers some money.

[Source: NewsObserver.com]

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