The Detroit Red Wings’ former Zamboni driver was fired back in February for PEEING into a drain by the rink.  He’s suing now . . . claiming he has a medical condition, and couldn’t make it to a restroom.

The lawsuit claims that Sobotka finished maintaining the ice when he moved the Zamboni into the garage. That’s when he got urge to urinate due to his condition. He wouldn’t have made it to the public restroom so instead stood behind two Zambonis and urinated in a drain that runs into the sewer.

Another worker saw him and reported him. That led to a suspension and eventually being let go.  Sobotka’s legal representation is alleging this firing violated his civil rights due to age discrimination and disability.


Former Detroit Red Wings Zamboni Driver Al Sobotka Was Fired for Peeing into Drain

According to a new lawsuit, the reason Al Sobotka doesn't drive a Zamboni for the Detroit Red Wings anymore is because he got caught peeing into a drain and was spotted by another employee.