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Owners of weird, quirky, and interesting homes for sale have found value in going viral on Zillow Gone Wild. The latest to grab the interest of the internet is in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

The rural home of Lauren Hegenbarth looks like a simple, cozy ranch, but it’s the bedroom décor that’s caught fire. In the bedroom, just over the king-sized bed, is a lovely crafty sign that reads: “Welcome To Poundtown.”

Hegenbarth says she made the sign as a cute little joke to add some humor, but never intended it to go viral. Now, she’s getting requests from everywhere from people wanting a “Poundtown” sign of their very own.


Welcome to Poundtown Above the Bed Sign Funny Bedroom Sign | Etsy

Welcome to Poundtown Cursive version can be found here: ______________________________________________ IMPORTANT INFORMATION * Size: 36 wide by 8 tall with a 1 frame. * Each order is


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Travel Blogger Explains Why You Shouldn't Move To Fort Myers

  • TOP 10 Reasons why FORT MYERS, FLORIDA is the WORST city in the US!


    If you can’t listen, here’s her top 10:

  • #10 Flat AF

    Apparently being flat is bad?

  • #9 Really Bad Traffic

    Ok, right now yes. Hopefully it eases up after Easter.

  • #8 Crazy Critters

    Duh, that’s Florida’s state motto: “We Got Bugs”. She also recommends carrying a weapon to stay safe from bears.

  • #7 Low Pay

    She thinks we all make $23,000 a year.

  • #6 Crime

    Compared to Miami? Really?

  • #5 Hurricanes

    She claims we get a major hurricane once every 3 years.

  • #4 Seniors

    We’re full of old people. Ok, I can’t really dispute that one.  But the seniors here don’t drive old Buicks down 41, they drive BMWs.

  • #3 HOA Fees

    “Over a thousand dollars a month”. I mean, not where I live.

  • #2 Packed People

    Again, compared to Miami or Tampa? Not even. She thinks everyone lives within walking distance of the beach.

  • #1 Expensive

    Based on the $23,000 a year she claims we all make.