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If you listen to the Stan & Haney Show on Tuesdays when Mike Chinopulos from Absolute Law is on, you know there are always a lot of questions asked about this topic and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried plans to sue the Biden administration today over weed and guns.

In the spirit of 420, Nikki Fried is planning to sue the Biden administration in an effort to try to block the federal rule that does not allow medical marijuana card holders to buy guns or have concealed-carry permits.

The lawsuit goes after the federal form that asks if the gun buyer uses drugs, including marijuana, that is illegal under federal law. Even if allowed by the state with a medical card, the buyer must check “yes”, in which they will be denied the purchase. By checking “no”, the buyer risks a possible prison sentence for a making a false statement.

Fried’s argument in her lawsuit is that the form violates the Second Amendment rights of legal medical marijuana patients. In a statement to NBC News Fried said, “Medical marijuana is legal. Guns are legal. This is all about people’s rights. And I don’t care who I have to sue to fight for their freedom.”


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