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You may not know, but in Cape Coral‘s Rotary Park, there’s an iguana named Green Day that’s fighting for his life.

Green Day the iguana has lived in a cage in the park for the last 10 years. FWC told the city that his cage doesn’t comply with their rules and if not fixed within 90 days he could be euthanized.

Pascha Donaldson, the president of the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife said that Green Day has been educational for kids and visitors to the park. People can get up close and personal, and even touch him.

Now a team effort between Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife, residents and the city of Cape Coral and trying to raise $19,000 to get a new cage for Green Day before the deadline.

PLEASE HELP SAVE GREEN DAY the IGUANA !!!!FWC has changed regulations about cage size and he must have a new $19,000...

Posted by CCFW Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife on Monday, March 21, 2022



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