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Cartons of eggs are pictured for sale on the shelves of a supermarket in Hong Kong on August 11, 2017. The EU on August 11 called an emergency meeting to stop "blaming and shaming" over the insecticide-tainted eggs scandal as it emerged for the first time that the crisis had spread to Asia. Hong Kong, Switzerland and 15 European Union countries have all received eggs contaminated with the chemical fipronil, which can harm human health, the European Commission said. / AFP PHOTO / Anthony WALLACE (Photo credit should read ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP via Getty Images)

NBC2 recently ran a story that went the ‘eggxtra’ mile with their egg puns.

Recently, a truck overturned and had pallets of eggs fall from its truck along College Pkwy. in Fort Myers. The pallets and boxes were all over the road and drivers along with the help of some officers moved the eggs to the side of the road.

Shortly after, the eggs were picked up and no one knows what happened to them. It sounds like an ‘eggxciting’ mystery.

It’s not that special of a story but that didn’t deter NBC2 news’ Gage Goulding from using puns in almost every sentence. He did some ‘eggxcellent’ work.


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