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TIGER BEACH, BAHAMAS - MARCH 22: ***EXCLUSIVE*** Tiger shark and lemon shark on March 22, 2009 in Tiger Beach, Bahamas. Shark shepherd Jim Abernathy has spent an incredible 35 years interacting with sharks underwater and BONDED with some of the largest and most fearsome predators ion the seas. The 52-year-old, from Florida, has won the trust of many individual sharks - so much so that they follow him around like meek puppy dogs. He loves the animals so much - spending 320 days a year with them for two decades - that he has even shunned the idea of finding true love with a GIRLFRIEND or WIFE. Using his incredible relationship with sharks he has managed to capture extraordinary close up pictures of the wild predatory fish in their natural habitats in the Bahamas, Mexico and South Africa. During his career he has dived with schools of up to 20 tiger sharks - a species known as one of few man eaters - 24 basking sharks, 70 lemon sharks and a massive 350 Caribbean reef sharks. Other images show him up-close-and-personal with 15foot tiger shark Emma. His new book 'Sharks Up Close' tells the story of the larger sharks of the world and aims to educate about the importance of the animals' conservation from fishing and is available on hardback for £15.75 from Amazon or (Photo by Jim Abernethy / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

The International Shark Attack File, or the ISAF for short, has gathered data from the year 2021 on unprovoked shark attacks around the world.

ISAF is a division of the University of Florida’s Florida Museum of Natural History. They gather the majority of their research from media reports and determined that Florida remains the reigning champion of the most shark bites in the country.

Florida has held this title since 1837.

According to ISAF, there were 73 unprovoked shark bites worldwide in 2021. 47 in U.S. waters, which is more than any other country. and 28 in Florida, more than any other state.

ISAF also said that the odds of being killed by a shark is 1 in 3.7 million. But obviously, the odds are lower in Florida.




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