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When you think of a place to go and pray, I’m sure a high school isn’t one of them, but in this case a Cape Coral man thought that was the spot.

31 year-old Brian Quinones attempted to get into the parking lot at Ida Baker High School during school hours and told the guard at the gate that he was visiting his old schools and just wanted to get into the parking lot to pray, not to go inside the actual school.

Quinones was told to leave and appeared to start to, but instead came back around and this time threatened to hurt the guard. He finally agreed to leave after the school’s SRO and principal stepped in. They also informed Trafalgar Middle School, where Quinones also attended, that he may be on his way, but he never showed up.

While this time Quinones didn’t find himself in any trouble, Cape Coral police say if he goes to another school in Lee County without a legit reason that he will be given a trespass warning.



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