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38-year-old Ernest Altine was having a grand old time at the HeadPinz Bowling Alley in Naples on January 8th. But he got a little greedy…

He took a little trip over to the “redemption room” where you can go to claim your prize.

He was seen on camera stealing a JBL Charge 3 speaker, Beats flex headphones, an Amazon Alexa Echo, and a minion robot toy from a glass case. The value of the merchandise he stole was around $500.

He also had accomplices to aid him in his crime. When he grabbed the merchandise, he handed it off to a couple of young children behind him for them to stash away.

One of the dumbest parts of this story is that he paid for his time at the bowling alley with his own credit card…

Altine was arrested on Monday, January 17.

What a dunce…



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