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Pretty sure this Florida woman won’t be getting awards for staff member of the year after she met up with a student to smoke weed.

41 year-old Kristen Williams is an office staff member at Heritage Middle School in Deltona and was arrested after meeting up with a 14 year-old student at 1am to smoke weed with him.

The parents of the 14 year-old called police after they noticed he was gone from the house around 1:30am. They went looking for him, but after seeing his mom calling his cell phone had Williams drop him off at home, where he admitted to meeting up with her to smoke marijuana in her van.

Williams told detectives that she is a mentor to several 6th graders at the school, has a group chat with them and admitted that the 14-year-old boy had been in her vehicle and to her house before to hang out with her son.

While there are no allegations of sexual abuse, Williams was charged for this incident with child abuse without great harm and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.



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