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I know we all get excited when our food delivery comes, but one Florida man was so happy it arrived, that he must’ve forgotten to get dressed and is now accused of exposing himself to delivery drivers.

Samuel Ramzi Boutros, a high-profile landlord in St. Pete, has allegedly done this not once, but four times.

His trial begins next month and one official working on the case said, “It is believed that the suspect is gaining some type of sexual fulfillment by these nude interactions.”

Another allegation came from a tenant who said that Boutros offered her a job at one of his buildings, then asked her to disrobe. She also claimed that Boutros was naked when she showed up for her first day of work.

Not only is Boutros living out some sort of fantasy with the naked door greetings, but according to Daily News, his ex-wife has claimed to have found “obscene” videos on his computer.

If convicted of his many charges, including exposure of sexual organs, he could spend multiple years in jail.





Florida Man Accused Exposing Delivery Drivers




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