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When it comes to the Florida Man, he’s usually not innocent, but in this case one man is suing after being arrested for stealing his own car.

In June 2018, 44 year-old Samuel Scott Jr. of Miami called the police to report that his 2006 Jeep Compass had been stolen — and less than a half hour later, he was being hauled off to jail after officers mistook him for the car thief.

Now he’s suing over the botched arrest.

Scott’s attorney Faudlin Pierre is seeking $500,000 in damages on behalf of his client and says, “He reported to the cops because he believed that the cops were actually going to assist him.”

Bodycam footage taken the day of the 44-year-old Scott’s arrest shows him saying, “I’m telling you, you guys have the wrong guy.” An officer responds, “The description of the guy who took off in your car is just like yours,” to which Scott replies, “But that’s half of Miami!”

The charges were later dropped, police records indicate.

SOURCE: Daily Mail


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Florida Man Arrested Stealing Own Car

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