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Some criminals are hard to catch, but in this case, one Florida man left a special piece of evidence at the crime scene making him a little easier to identify.

The incident happened late on Monday in Palm Harbor when 64 year-old Andy Danilla went over to a neighbor’s house looking for a person who he believed owed him money. The man who answered the door said the person who Danilla was looking for wasn’t home. Well, Danilla didn’t like that answer and continued to yell and knock.

Still not getting what he wanted, ole Florida man decided to set a pickup truck sitting in the driveway on fire. Pinellas County Sheriff’s detectives reviewed the victim’s surveillance footage and found something interesting. Not only can Danilla be seen approaching the house with a red gas can in his hand, and then running away after the fire started. But detectives found a unique piece of evidence that would tie Danilla to the crime. They found the gas can that he was carrying with “Andy” written on it!

Danilla admitted the gas can was his and he was charged with arson.

No word on if he got his money back.


SOURCE: Fox 13


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Florida Man Left Special Piece Of Evidence At Crime Scene

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