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LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 25: A Burmese Python is held at Heathrow Airport's Animal Reception Centre on January 25, 2011 in London, England. Many animals pass through the centre's doors ranging from exotic animals such as snow leopards and elephants, snakes and crocodiles, to the more common such as cats and dogs. In 2010 alone the centre processed approximately 10,500 cats and dogs, 1,300 birds, 105,000 day old chicks, 246,000 reptiles, 230 horses and 29 million fish. Most animals are part of zoo transfer schemes, the pet trade, or are pets in transit. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

This sounds like something out of a horror movie and it makes me want to triple-check before I take another shower.

A woman was in for quite the shock when she came face to face with a Burmese python in her shower in a sailboat.

The couple from Chicago were docked at Rose Marina off of Marco Island, Fl. Previously they had spent the night near the everglades which are where they believe the python was able to board their boat.

The scary part is that Burmese pythons are responsible for wiping out huge populations of raccoons, opossums, herons, and egrets. And they had a small dog on board. That dog could have easily served as dinner for this python.

Thankfully the couple and the dog are ok.



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