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BEIJING, CHINA - MAY 23: (CHINA OUT; PHOTOCOME OUT) Chinese Greenpeace activists set up an E-waste sculpture at the China International High-tech exhibition in an effort to shame the companies attending the expo on May 23, 2005 in Beijing, China. Greenpeace unveiled a 2.7 metre high statue shaped as a wave, constructed from electronic waste gathered from the e-waste recycling yards in Guiyu, Guangdong Province. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

A home along SW 48th Ln. in Cape Coral, Fl, has become a nuisance for neighbors. Why? Because the front and back yard has been filled with trash since the beginning of September.

This all started when a U-Haul showed up at the home and dumped all of the trash in the yard and drove away. Ever since then, it’s just been sitting in the yard getting rained on.

Neighbors got so fed up that they took their grievances up with the Cape Coral City Council. The neighbors basically told them that they would clean up the yard themselves, but the council told them they would be trespassing if they did that.

Not only is there an abundance of trash in the yard, but now the neighbors are saying squatters are becoming a problem. Neighbor’s see people coming late at night to sift through the trash and go around back to possibly sleep on the lanai.

The owner has been identified but has not been reached for comment.


Junior is the producer of the Stan and Haney show. He is also a music producer and audio engineer. He was born in Sioux City, Ia, but has lived down in Southwest Florida since a young age.