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Marvin Peavy of Seagrove Beach, Fl, is really peeved. He’s facing fines for flying two pro-Trump banners at his residence that say ‘Trump Won’ and ‘Let’s Go Brandon’.

He believes that his first amendment rights are being violated. He said, “I’m here on the beach, and I got a lot of traffic, and people needed to see what I believe in. That’s free speech, and I wanted everyone to know that I’m a Republican and I’m supporting Donald Trump.”

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ has become the new anti-Joe Biden slogan after a reporter misheard people in a NASCAR event chanting ‘F— Joe Biden’.

Peavy was told at a code enforcement hearing last month that he is violating the county’s land development code because he is flying displaying political signs out of an election cycle.

He is now facing fines of $50 every day that the banners stay up. And as you can imagine fellow Trump supporters have offered to pick up the bill so that he can keep flying his flags.

So what do you think? Is the first amendment being thrown away in Walton County, or does the county have the right to do this?


Junior is the producer of the Stan and Haney show. He is also a music producer and audio engineer. He was born in Sioux City, Ia, but has lived down in Southwest Florida since a young age.