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DUVAL COUNTY, FL- 60-year-old Caroline Melanie Lee is a high school English teacher for Duval County schools, and she was awarded Teacher Of The Year last Wednesday.

As you can imagine she was praised for this prestigious honor. With the exception of a certain student…

The student commented on an Instagram post that challenged her recent award, accusing her of indecencies that include the use of the N-word during class.

Lee demanded that this student report to her office, but the student ignored the request because she was in fear.

Lee wasn’t about to let this go, because she tracked her down in a separate class and personally escorted her out, and brought her to her office.

According to the surveillance video, she was walking in a quick and aggressive manner with the student.

Once Lee closed the door to her office, she reached across the desk and slapped the student multiple times, kicked her in the leg, and called her a ‘f—ing bitch’.

Another surveillance video showed the student leaving her office and going straight to the guidance counselor’s office to report the incident while holding her face with a bloody nose.

Lee admitted to seeing the child but denied having anything to do with assaulting her. As far as the N-word goes, she said that she only used it when reading the John Steinbeck book, Of Mice And Men.

Lee was arrested for Child Abuse just two days after winning Teacher Of The Year.

District Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene  said, “We will cooperate with all investigations, and pending those results, we will take the actions necessary to stand up for and protect our students.”



Junior is the producer of the Stan and Haney show. He is also a music producer and audio engineer. He was born in Sioux City, Ia, but has lived down in Southwest Florida since a young age.