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Last month, Brandon Adams of Fort Myers, Fl, was arrested during a drug sting operation. He had over 20 guns, scales, cocaine, marijuana, and cash in his home.

But due to a technicality, Adams is now a free man.

Reportedly, three other people were home during the bust. Former prosecutor Scot Goldberg, “What construction constructive possession means is, is that it could be any one of the people that are in that apartment at the time.”

So that means the state attorney will have to prove that the guns and drugs actually belonged to Adams and not one of the other three people in the home.

He has been released and will receive all of his guns back.

The State’s Attorney released this statement:

“This case was reviewed by Assistant State Attorney Paul Thomas. Charges could not be legally filed in this case due to multiple people living in the home and the drugs in plain sight. So there is no way to prove possession.

“There are no witness statements and no forensic evidence. The State Attorney’s Office handles the criminal case.”


Junior is the producer of the Stan and Haney show. He is also a music producer and audio engineer. He was born in Sioux City, Ia, but has lived down in Southwest Florida since a young age.