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Sarasota, UNITED STATES: Rush-hour commuters mix with voluntary evacuees creating heavy traffic on the northbound I-75, 20 October, 2005, in Sarasota, Florida, as officials issued voluntary evacuation orders for counties in southern Florida ahead of Hurricane Wilma. Florida Governor Jeb Bush declared a state of emergency as Wilma appears to threaten the southeastern US state, but authorities in the Florida Keys island chain postponed mandatory evacuations by a day after the storm's potential arrival was pushed back to next week. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA (Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images)

A mother’s worst nightmare came to fruition on Thursday in Fort Myers, Fl.

A mother from Naples was driving along I-75 when she needed to stop and feed her baby. That’s when a man carjacked her.

She managed to keep driving down the interstate with the carjacker, her baby, and daughter-in-law still inside of the vehicle.

She hit speeds of up to 100 MPH while the carjacker repeatedly hit her. She managed to get into Gulf Coast Town Center near the Starbucks and Chipotle, and that’s when the man decided to run away.

K-9, aviation, and other police units were deployed to attempt to catch the suspect.

Crime scene technicians were also there to gather the fingerprints of the suspect from the car.

It is still an active investigation and no further details are readily available as of this moment.



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