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Publicity portrait of Bruce Lee from the film 'The Way of the Dragon,' 1972. (Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

A new petition from local artist Brian Weaver is aimed at changing the namesake of Lee County.

Lee County was named for Confederate General Robert E. Lee. But now he wants it to be representative of the actor and martial artist Bruce Lee.

Weaver said, “His spiritual outlook on life, I think it’s beautiful, it’s fitting, and it’s a place I would be proud to live.”

It’s a name change that is long overdue according to the Lee County NAACP.

James Muwakkil, the President of Lee County NAACP said “So when you come to Lee County, the first thing that you realize when you get here is that you are in Robert E. Lee County, an invisible Confederate stronghold. It represents white supremacy and all of the horrors that goes along with it.”


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