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Robert Krebs, 84, missed his home. Where was his home you may ask? Prison.

Krebs served 30 years in prison for a 1981 bank robbery in Florida.

After getting out of prison, he was feeling a little homesick. He decided to go back to his old ways and hold up a bank in Tuscon, Arizona.

During his first bank robbery, he went the whole nine yards. Nailpolish on his fingertips to prevent fingerprint identification, a disguise, and even locked the tellers in the bank vault.

But after he was released, he couldn’t adjust to life outside of prison so he decided to go in with no disguise or plan to a new bank with the hopes of getting caught.

Well, he got what he wanted because he was sentenced to 21 more years inside bars.






Junior is the producer of the Stan and Haney show. He's a sucker for gelato and watching Hulu shows. When he's not working, he's probably exercising excessively, reading endless books, or taking long walks on the dog beach by himself. Because why not?