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(Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images)

It’s not easy to break a world record, so when you do, you know you’ve got something special. Samantha Ramsdell from Connecticut now holds the official record for the ‘world’s largest mouth gape for a woman’.

CNN reports her mouth gape measures 6.56 centimeters (2 1/2 inches) and when measured across, it’s more than 10 centimeters (4 inches).

Samantha has TikTok to thank, as her fans encouraged her to go for the world record after she filmed herself eating things like donuts, sandwiches and french fries.


On this weeks journey to find the biggest and best sandwiches… I went to my hometown of Stamford to check out @elmstreetdiner and HOLY 😍

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According to NBC2, “She said it used to be “something that really I was so insecure about, something that I wanted to keep so small,” but it’s now “one of the biggest, best things about me.”


Questions I get about having the worlds largest mouth for a female 😬 #SummerMashup #bigmouth

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