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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 25: The teeth and jaw of a Great White Shark are displayed after research into the biological mechanics of the predator July 25, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. Researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) including Dan Huber from the the University of Tampa, Florida in the USA, plan to remove muscles from the head of several sharks in order to create a digital shark, to help determine it's bio mechanics and potential "bite force". (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

A group of Shark experts in Australia wants to cancel the term “Shark Attack”.

They are arguing this because a lot of these so-called attacks are just nibbles or bites. They explain that they just do this out of curiosity.

So what should we say instead of “Shark Attacks”?

They suggest Shark Interactions, negative interactions, or even Shark accidents.

This cancel culture is going too far now…




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