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LONDON - OCTOBER 23: A fire truck races to an emergency call October 23, 2002 in London, United Kingdom. Deputy British Prime Minister John Prescott has warned that firefighters will be risking lives if they go on strike for a 40 percent pay raise as they have threatened. Full-time firefighters are planning to begin the series of eight day walkouts over 36 days October 29, 2002. The Army, Royal Navy and RAF are on standby to provide cover along with 4,000 part-time firefighters with the Retained Firefighters Union (RFU). (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Brice Andrew DiGiorgio of Lee County plead no contest to stealing a brush fire truck from a SWFL Firestation, driving with a suspended license, and fleeing or attempting to elude police.

This all started on Feb. 7th when police responded to a call at a Fort Myers Fire Department where a man was wearing a fire coat and eating the station’s food. He was evaluated to see if he was mentally stable and was determined to not be a threat.

Later that day he stole the fire truck and decided to go for a joyride from Lee county to Manatee county.

Police were dispatched and a chase ensued. It only lasted around 2 minutes but that was long enough to have all those charges slapped on him.

He was sentenced to 9 months of jail time with six months already served.




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