These items can help you and your furry friend survive the unpredictability that is being a Floridian. 

Tennis Ball Launcher

This classic tennis ball launcher keeps the play going all day while you lounge in the shade. It can be exhausting constantly moving in this heat. There’s only so much sweat-inducing weather one can take. We’re not all built like an MLB all star so this helps out with throwing distance as well. 

Collapsible Bowl

Speaking of heat, your four-legged friend needs time for a break with the sun beating on their coats. Check out this collapsible dog bowl that can be filled with water or food for any occasion. It comes with a carabiner to secure on a belt, bag or leash along. They’re dishwasher safe and easy to clean with a silicone design.

Paw Protection Cream

Paw protection cream keeps your pet’s paw perfectly plush. Most pets don’t enjoy the sensation of shoes so this alternative keeps them safe from sweltering sidewalks. 


For some pets, shedding is a part of their nature. There is a good chance that shedding will increase immensely in this Florida heat. With the FURminator, it keeps thick fur “mane”tained. There are rotating metal teeth that remove loose hair from your pet’s undercoat to reduce the appearance of fur clumps on your floor.

Car Seat Cover

Those dreaded rides to the vet can lead to your car also being full of unwanted fur bombs. This pet seat cover can assist with the prevention of that problem. It’s easy to clean and water resistant if the family just went for a beach trip.


When it’s not cook-an-egg-on-the-concrete hot outside, we are usually met with rainy days. There are times where you can’t hold your pet throughout the stormy season.  A ThunderShirt provides comfort for cats and dogs dealing with the anxiety-inducing weather this summer. 


We all know curiosity kills the cat, but it also kills your sense of smell when your pet’s breath reeks of whatever they discovered outside. Keep their breath bearable with Greenies for your dog or cat. They come in various flavors with a crunchy texture to help clean teeth, reduce tartar build up, and freshen breath. Next step would be determining why they’re running away from you while chewing something that doesn’t look edible. 

Dog Paw Cleaning Device

With the prospect of your animal wandering outside comes the aftermath of messy paws. This paw cleaning device has gentle silicone bristles that get everything in between. You can use it wet or dry to get sand or mud off their paws and out of your clean home. 

Window-Mounted Cat Bed

Here’s a perfect item for those felines who like sunbathing in high places. This suction cup cat hammock connects to a clean window with ease and holds up to 50 pounds. It’s like bringing the outside to your inside cat.

LED Collar and Leash

For those owners who want to beat the heat, night walks are a must. Keep your pet safe with an LED collar. For extra protection, you can pair it with an LED leash. There’s nothing wrong with brightening up your nightly exercise. 

Jaylin can usually be found lying in bed or hiked up on caffeine. As a burnt-out college student, there is no in between. IG: @spoopyjaylin