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Crane lifting cleaning gantry onto roof of modern offices. (Photo by Christopher Holt/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images)

If you have a fear of heights, I suggest you do not watch the video or read any further. This seems like it came out of a Final Destination movie.

Two painters in Naples were left 14 floors up in the air after their platform collapsed and fell beneath them. The only thing that prevented them from falling with it was their safety harnesses that were attached to a rope on the side of the building.

They were able to stand on the side of the building on a narrow ledge.

By the time a rescue team got there, one of the men had already gotten inside. The other man had to be rescued by hand.

The painters were left shaken, but fortunately no injuries.

The cause of the platform collapse is still uncertain.

Maybe it’s time that these guys request a raise… No pun intended…




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