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A very strange event occurred in Miami, that only a true Florida man could be responsible for..

30-year-old Jesus Santana-Jardines was at an intersection when a Miami-Dade firetruck pulled up to a stoplight. For an unknown reason, he felt the need to attack.

In a video that’s been shared on social media, Jardines grabbed a bat from his car and proceeded to hit the firetruck’s windshield. NBC6 reports that no one was injured, but he did cause over $4000 in damage.

According to the arrest report, after police put Jardines in the car, he became combative and told the officer “he would not be going to jail and to stop the vehicle.”

Spoiler alert: they didn’t stop, and he absolutely went to jail.

Local 10 reports that Jardines was charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest with violence, and possession of cocaine.


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